Heather F Edgington

Dream Builder Coach and Educator

I am a Dream Builder Coach certified by the LifeMastery Institute founded by Mary Morrissey. This gives me access and full rights to use the course materials for the Dream Builder program, based on the Law of Attraction, the works of Napolean Hill, Ralph Waldo Emerson,Henry David Thoreau and many other authors. I have spent several years studying this material, and it has changed my life. I now believe a dream can be blueprinted, and specifically planned, that the gap between our present reality and our dream life can be bridged, and then we can each become the person living the dreamm life we love. It may not be easy, but through effort and belief itis possible.

I am a Doctoral Candidate In Higher Education Leadership at Texas A&M University - Commerce TX, writing my dissertation on distance education. I received an M.S. in Adult and Continuing Education - East Texas State University - Commerce TX, and a B.A. in English Literature and Sociology from Loyola College, in Montreal Canada.

I have over 20 years experience in training adults in classrooms and online, teaching a variety of subjects from personal development to uses of technical and website tools. Corporate Trainer for Banks, Web design companies and Manager of Technical College. I was also President of my own business (Construction Design) for several years.

Between my education and my work experience I have developed an ability to get information across to students in a way that they are able to assimilate and use the materials to work on changing their lives.

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