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Japanese language education

Hello, this is Akira.

Welcome to a new method of learning Japanese : via a drama!


Our brand name, Akira, carries the meaning of “sunlight” in Japanese.

Therefore, like our namesake, we’d like to brighten your life in Tokyo by helping you with your conversations in Japanese.


CEO Akira

Akira is a graduate of the University of Tokyo, majoring in education.

Upon graduation, he pursued a career in marketing.

However, five years ago, he came across “education in Japanese language” and decided to focus once more on education.

After passing the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test, he now hopes to share his knowledge via Akira.

Director Mikako

Mikako is a certified Japanese language teacher.

Having graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, she has taught Japanese for over 16 years.

Thanks to her bubbly personality, her classes are always full of fun and laughter.

Narrator Adele

Adele is from Malaysia and has lived in Tokyo for 7 years. She`s always had an interest in learning new languages and would like to support you in learning Japanese.


Conversing with Japanese in Japanese is really fun! Let’s learn Japanese the fun way with Akira!

We hope to see you again in our online class!

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