Hamza Zaouali

Career Coach, Professional Recruiter and Entrepreneur

Before becoming a Career Coach, Hamza has been a professional recruiter for 13 years in Europe and the Middle East recruiting for a variety of job sectors. 

Throughout his career, Hamza has Researched, Interviewed, Selected and Coached thousands of candidates for junior to top executives Roles. He liaised daily with large Multinationals, SMEs, and Employers in the Public Sector.
That’s why he understands how Hiring Managers judge candidates and he knows how HR works.

Hamza has also set up several recruitment businesses and still owns them today so he understands how Employers think since he is one himself!

Throughout his years in the recruitment sector, Hamza has developed a proven step by step approach that demystifies the job search process and make looking for a better career move simpler, faster and more financially rewarding.

Currently based in Dubai - U.A.E, Hamza coaches Job Seekers internationally and help them find fulfilling career opportunities, faster and at the highest possible income!

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