My name is Hamid Raza. I am an instructor of intermediate arabic and Quran recitation. I have received an Ijaazah (Permission License to teach Quran) from Markaz-ul-Furqan, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and thereafter have been teaching Quran for about nine years. I am currently an Imam (Congregational Leader)/ full-time Arabic and Quran Instructor at Al-Ansar Center, a local Islamic Center and Mosque in Brooklyn, NY. I have mastered this "Nooraaniyyah" course, which teaches the student of absolutely zero arabic background to read the arabic language, particularly the Quran in matters of hours of practical training. I believe in my skills and students. Enjoy.


10+ years teaching Nooraaniyyah method (Since 2003)

9+ years Imam/ Instructor of local mosque (2008 - Present)

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