Gurjeet Jagwani

Market Researcher & Graphic Designer

Gurjeet Jagwani is a life hacker & student in India . After trying to start his manufacturing business of cycles at the age of 11, he decided to join his father's family business & after a year's experience he decided to make some profit through re-selling things such as laptops & mobile-phones . He then decided to make apps & games in which he failed .

After seeing his interest in science & business his father decided to send him to a friend's garage in which he worked & learned for almost a month . He then shifted his attention towards building robots & successfully added home automation to his house . He then again joined his father & surveyed,observed & scrutinized markets,industries & businesses . Later on he fell with designing & animation . He sold templates , vector images & web templates plus he works as a freelance for clients !

He is a "part-time" footballer , a science , business enthusiast , an animator & graphic designer . He  looks to share his experience through a great medium such as Udemy !

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