Greg Pilla

Superconnector, Marketing Consultant, Entrepreneur

Greg Pilla, is a globally recognized Superconnector, entrepreneur and networking skills coach. Over the past 5+ years, Greg has taught thousands of students in over 4+ countries as well as having been credited with countless success stories from advising business owners.

Greg's clients include business owners, entrepreneurs, business development professionals, and even other Superconnectors.

Greg's unique approach originates from his time spent running a direct sales business in combination with his experience as a management consultant for a number of Fortune 500 companies including AIG, Royal Bank of Canada and KKR working to quantify and focus their risk management and marketing efforts (the psychology behind risk management, marketing, and networking is surprisingly similar).

By taking his uniquely structured approach, Greg is able to bring out the best in others and help them achieve their goals, overcome their fears and live the lives they've always dreamt of when it comes expanding businesses and building extraordinary networks.

Greg is most proud of always taking the time for his students and being available whenever he is needed. He encourages his students to reach out and connect.

Outside of teaching, Greg runs a high end direct sales and passive income business and enjoys self-improvement, traveling and reading.

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