Gregg Davis

WordPress Website Professional and Expert Teacher

Hey! I'm Gregg Davis. I'm a teacher and a student, an artist and an athlete. You might call me a self-taught computer geek.

Working with computers has always been playtime for me, since the 1980's when, as a kid, I would see what I could do with a Radio Shack TRS-80.

I'm a long-term skateboarder and a nationally-recognized snowboard instructor and coach, and I've been creating websites for clients since 1996. In snowboarding, I've been teaching students for 25 years and studying teaching and learning in my own professional development. I started building websites exclusively with WordPress in 2006 and I've built a thriving business using open-source and inexpensive tools.

By leveraging other people's awesome code and software, I've been able to create a business that provides chunks of instant income from creating websites, and recurring and ongoing income through hosting and managing website for clients.

The freedom that this business offers is truly amazing.

The demand for reliable and consistent website design and management is only growing - and WordPress is the most popular platform in the world. Powering more than a quarter of all the websites across the entire internet, supported by thousands of developers who are creating open-source code you can leverage and use in your business, there's no better platform.

Join me to learn WordPress all the way - become an expert WordPress Consultant today!

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