Graham Brown

Entrepreneur, Startup Investor, Radio Show Host and Mentor

Some years ago I quit my job in finance and started my own business.

I walked into my boss’s office on Thursday morning with a resignation note. By Friday I was out on my own, with only the weekend to catch my breath and wander what the future would hold.

Why? Because becoming an entrepreneur was something deep rooted in my being. I just had to do it. It felt like my whole life had been working towards this moment.

That moment walking out my boss’ office summed it up. From being stone cold numb to the world for weeks commuting to the office, I suddenly experienced every emotion: exhilaration, fear, excitement, anticipation, happiness, relief and anxiety.

Business is like that.

Over the next 20 years I built several businesses, the most successful generating $1 million in profit with zero investment. I exited my last business and traveled the world for 3 years with my family. 

I now advise and invest in startups and real estate.

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