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Spiritual and personal development teachers.

We want to inspire people to evolve and create their reality in harmony with all that is. Global Harmony is bliss, joy, creation, empowerment, you, oneness, unity. Global Harmony is where you create your state of being, and thus your world, in alignment with your truest desires. We provide you with our knowledge and realizations that we have acquired from our own seeking, thus giving you the essentials – a shortcut on your path to end seeking altogether. When neagtive seeking ends, joy and desire are your guides.

We are avid learners with several degrees in natural sciences at both Master and Bachelor level between us. We have been on a spiritual quest for many years. Seeing the big picture and how everything interconnects is a passion of ours – merging science, spirituality, philosophy and the essence of religions into our own view of life.

It is time for Love and Unity.

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