Giulia Macchi

Italian / English Coach

I'm a young Italian with a degree in Languages and Foreign Literature. My degree has given me the chance to explore the world of linguistics and phonetics.

I'm a freelance translator and Italian / English coach meaning that I teach Italian to foreigners and English to Italians... coach and not tutor or teacher because I believe that my passion for languages and teaching is a gift that I have to share and pass on to others.

I have lived in the United States and in Switzerland for many years where I have studied and gained knowledge of new teaching techniques that make it fun and easy to learn a language... trust me they work...I'm fluent in 4 languages thanks to the techniques that my teachers have used and passed on to me in these years!

I truly believe that learning a new language is the best gift that you can give to others or to yourself... and I teach keeping this in mind.

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