The Four-Week MBA

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The Four-Week MBA community starts from the following idea:

"You can learn business effectively without having to spend thousand of dollars or sit for hours in a classroom to listen pointless fluffing. You can now learn everything you need to know about business and finance thanks to a simple language and an effective learning methodology!"

Gennaro matured international experience in the business world for over ten years across Europe and US. After graduating from Law School, he worked in the legal field. Afterward his passion for finance and international business brought him to become a business journalist, a private trader, an International MBA, a Financial Analyst and Assistant Controller. He tried all the professions in business and finance.

His experience can serve you to avoid the major pitfalls in your career. In addition, He truly believes that to master business and finance there is no need of useless technical jargon, or pompous language. Gennaro wants to share all the lessons learned throughout those years with you.

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