Gábor Balogh

Professional Photographer & Technician

I'm a photographer and Nikon professional technician. After I graduated as a mechanical engineer, I finished my second education as a photojournalist. After my studies I started to work as a Nikon technician in The netherlands, and became a professional in my field. After that time I started my own photography business, and i became a commercial photographer and an instructor. Probably I'm one of those photographers on the world who also known as much about photography than the camera and accessories itself because of my photography and technician experience. I have a keen sense of creative vision, bringing life to my photos and art to my photography

I'm a member of the Nikon Professional Photographers (NSP) association. Frequently going for new workshops and seminars to learn, and improve my photography skills, to always keep one step ahead of the competition, and to be able to offer the best services in my sector.

I love to meet, learn from, teach, and share with fellow photographers. I host various photowalks and workshops around the world.

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