Gary Schroeder

Product Manager & Entrepreneur

Gary Schroeder has been helping startups with strategy, business development and financing for nearly 10 years. He began his entrepreneurial path as an electrical engineering student at The University of Texas at Austin building robots that played golf and later by winning a university-wide business competition by designing the first vital sign reading football helmets.

Gary has helped startups and small businesses across a wide variety of industries including:

- Clean tech (Combined Solar Technologies)
- Publishing (Bibles for America)
- Finance (Cantaro Capital)
- Healthcare (Visicare)
- eCommerce (Shoezoom)
- Enterprise Software (Accruent)

Currently Gary is a Product Manager at Periscope Holdings where he leads the entire data business.

Gary received his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas

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