Garrett Heath

PMP, Industrial Engineer, Digital Marketer

Hi! My name is Garrett Heath. I am an industrial engineer who was a technical project manager in cloud computing at Rackspace. Today, I work in the marketing department and am responsible for creating content, collaborating on content strategy and managing vendors to support our cloud products.

In my project manager role, I helped manage the creation of a piece of software that is used to support our business, driving down the time to create a proposal and contract substantially. Additionally, I have managed both domestic and foreign teams that have created desktop and mobile applications as side businesses.

In my marketing role I have created several videos with over 100k views, articles that have garnered over 500k reads, white papers that give guidance to server architecture and infographics that have gone viral. I have a passion for storytelling and believe that brands should first communicate with narratives rather than shoving products down a consumer’s throat.

As a writer, I’ve been published on The Next Web, .NET Magazine, Contently's Content Strategist and PR Daily while maintaining a local blog about the food and culture of San Antonio.

I’m responsible for developing an iTunes featured app to help people meet each other at bars, devised another app celebrating San Antonio’s Fiesta that was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, was a co-creator of the Pi shaped pie pan that raised over $17,000 on Kickstarter and won a trip to Prague on Wheel of Fortune.

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