Gagan Biyani

Co-Founder, Growth Hackers Conference

I am a co-Founder of Udemy and more recently started the Growth Hackers Conference. I now consult full-time at various startups in San Francisco on user acquisition, building two-sided marketplaces, business development, operations, and public relations.

At Udemy, I led investor relations, finance, business development, public relations, operations and user acquisition. I raised the company's $4 million in venture capital, hired 10 of Udemy's 20 employees, and managed the team that created over $5 million in sales in the platform's first 2 years. Udemy was featured in Bill Gates' annual letter, the New York Times, the Today Show, and more than 50 other media outlets. I previously wrote for TechCrunch covering mobile technology. One of my articles resulted in an FTC investigation and lawsuit, as reported by the New York Times. Before that, I held positions at Accenture and Microsoft.