Tom Atkinson CFTe, Dip TA, ADA 2

Fund Manager & Trading Systems Expert

Hi, my name is Tom Atkinson and I am very excited that you are reading this. You are about to embark on one of the most exciting and rewarding career opportunities in the world.

Here is a little more about my story:


Professionally, I am a Fund Manager and Technical Analyst and hold multiple degrees in these areas with over 10+ years of experience. Through these years I have been lucky enough to have experienced training from companies like Apple and the International Federation of Technical Analysts. In 2010 I stated a company called FX Evolution and regularly attend events at the University of Melbourne being a guest speaker to empower the students with trading knowledge.

Trading Story

Since 2006 I have been actively involved in trading the Forex and Stock markets. In 2010 I started FX Evolution with an idea to help educate others and give them the ability to achieve financial success and more importantly have fun doing it. In 2013 we began Managing other people’s money along with our own and in 2015 we achieved the success of starting and launching our own Managed Trading Fund. 

I have now built our total funds to over 60 Million Dollars under management.

My Aim

To summarize, I am incredibly passionate about helping you achieve trading success and look to use my experience and knowledge to help fast track your success, by giving you the information you need to know.

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