Frank Nilsen

Mind Coach and Podcast Host

Hi! I'm Frank. I am a Master NLP Practitioner and podcast host for Mentaltrener podcasten(Norwegian) and Mind Coaching (international)

After experiencing severe panic attacks every day for 4 months, I soon learned that the only way to become free again was to decode anxiety and find a solution. I can now proudly say that I managed to do so very well, and then used the same blueprint to help others become free from anxiety and stress whether they had suffered with it for 3 months or 30 years.

What I discovered was that being an overachiever gave me stress and anxiety but also helped me realize that by improving my thinking patterns and habits, I could actually free myself from these worries and become much happier.

I`m passionate about teaching others what I have discovered and thus have now dedicated my life to improving the lives of others in a variety of easy and effective ways that I have tested on myself and also on my clients. I also run 2 startups within the self-help industry and work as an NLP Mind Trainer for entrepreneurs, IT specialists, CEOs and everyone who wants to achieve more out of life. This gives me the ability to share all my secrets with people like you.

You wouldn`t believe the feeling of freedom and passion that I felt when I discovered that it was possible to do something in a shorter time as long as you do it strategically and use the right mechanisms.

I genuinely believe the reason I can give faster results is because I provide the tested mechanisms so you can start using from day one and experience instant results.

Sign up for our courses and start improving today and if you don't agree with me I will happily refund your money.

See you soon and good luck


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