Francois Barnard

Information Technology Consultant

I have always been very passionate about computers and technology in general after receiving my first 8086 Olivetti computer in the late 80’s. I still recall the day that that Double Tools for DoubleSpace was released, which allowed you to backup 2.8 mb on a 1.44 mb disk. Back then I thought that was the ultimate technological breakthrough. However, needless to say, I think we have progressed well beyond that.

I graduated from University with a BCom and Honors in Accounting and promptly went to work for one of the big public accounting firms, where I also managed to achieve my chartered accountant designation. Even though I started in accounting I have always wanted to work in technology and was fortunate enough to be introduced to programming and relational database design early on my career, developing decision support and financial models for clients using MS Access and Microsoft Excel. My experiences with these tools and programming in general have taught me the value of good coding practices and I have come to believe that you always have to assume that no matter how small a project, it can always grow and expand well beyond your original scope. Now, I always design and build programs as if I am going to have to support them for years to come.

I also have an extensive technical background and work experience in Information Security, data analytics and data mining and currently work for a large national consulting firm, located in Northern Virginia.

Other programming languages that I have experience with in addition to VB and VBA are Objective C, C++ and C#.

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