Francis Pindar

Salesforce Expert & Salesforce MVP

I am the co-founder of A Force Guru and I'm a 5x Salesforce MVP. I've been working in the Salesforce eco-system for 10 years and have a number of different Salesforce Certifications as well as AWS, TOGAF9 and product management certs. 

I'm not just another "IT trainer". I teach cloud technologies because I know it, inside and out. 

I've been working in the IT industry for 20 years as a developer, consultant, solutions architect and technical architect. I've worked on around 100 Salesforce implementations over the years from large global roll outs to small charities. The courses are not just some other IT training course, delivered by some IT trainer. My background is very hands on, I live eat and breath Salesforce. My aim is to teach you everything you need to know in a fun way that includes important best practise from my experience with implementing Salesforce. If you want some boring high level and theoretical cloud training, then my courses are not for you! 

My courses are all cloud based and will be aimed to accommodate both absolute beginners, as well professionals. I always start with the basics and by the end of my courses you will be proficient as a Force Guru. Please add me on Linkedin or follow me on Twitter!

Get ready to become A Force Guru!

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