Filippo Dall'Asta

Tech Music Schools Graduate, 10+ Years Working Pro.

I am a London based guitarist with several years of experience in performing live and in studios, as well as teaching, composing and arranging music across several countries.

I love working and constantly challenging myself on many styles of music, including soul, rock, classical, gospel, funk and Gypsy jazz. I am always looking forward to learning new material and collaborating with musicians and singers alike, always with the aim of creating beautiful, and meaningful music.

I was born in Parma, Italy, into a family of musicians. My first instrument was piano at this age of 5, but then moved onto classical and electric guitar when I was 13. Since which I have not looked back, and my love for this instrument continues to grow, resulting in a passion to learn it inside-out.

I studied classical guitar with Giuseppe Parisi (2001-2006) , a conservatory school of music teacher, who provided me with a very strong and solid technique, and also a huge understanding of harmony.
I also attended a school specifically for electric guitar at the “Music Academy 2000” in Bologna (2003-2005) .

In 2007 I moved on to study tango guitar in Berlin. This is where I developed a strong interest in eastern and Indian music, hence my decision to spend half a year in India to study sitar, which I still play today.

Finally In 2010 I moved to London where I graduated at Tech Music Schools.

Currently, as well as doing session work for numerous bands and artists in the UK, I teach guitar as one-to-one lessons, or as part of bigger workshops.

I am also part of several exciting musical projects, including “Gypsy Dynamite” and “Harp Bazaar“

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