Perry Underdown

Instructor, President CollecSys

Perry Underdown is a senior Information Technology leader with over 25 years of experience, working across several IT career fields.

In addition to his training activities, Perry is currently President of CollecSys, a national technology consulting firm, responsible for the management and delivery of millions of dollars of IT projects.

Previously, he has led technology teams for companies such as Nordstrom and Dell.

Perry is very concerned about the huge gap that exists between the number of available high paying Information Technology jobs and the lack of qualified individuals to fill them.

As a passionate advocate for helping others, he has designed a program that trains individuals to transition to careers in Information Technology.

Perry has helped hundreds train for and achieve stable, rewarding and profitable Technology Professions.

His passion and expertise comes across in his training programs, as does his dedication for helping others.

For more information about Perry please visit his LinkedIn or Facebook.

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