Felix Thea

Product manager, entrepreneur and web developer

I've spent my entire career working at tech startups and have a unique and well-rounded understanding of how product management fits at a company due to my numerous roles in product management, business development, operations, and in engineering.

Product Management Career Experience:

I joined a technology startup as an early employee and have been a part of the growth of the company that went from a few million in annual revenues to now over $300 million in revenues in 2013 (and even more for 2014).

I worked as a product manager to build software products that were used by Fortune 500 companies like 1-800-Flowers, eBay and LL Bean and partnered with large tech giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo.

As a product manager, I've spent years launching products from scratch and also have experience improving existing products that all power millions of dollars in revenue.

Entrepreneurial Career:

Because of my experience as a product manager, I've gained invaluable skills that I can apply in my entreprenuerial career to create and launch my own software products and websites that have generated thousands of dollars in recurring revenue.

Skills like project management, design, user testing and user discovery interviews are some of the most vital skills you will learn as a product manager that you can apply to your life as an entrepreneur. Every product manager has an entrepreneurial spirit inside of them and the product management job is the first step towards cultivating that entrepreneurial drive.

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