Mr. Felix Lepoutre

Podio designer and builder with

I've been designing and building back-offices since i was 19 years old. In 2004 i founded one of the pre-ludes to wordpress called, with over 400 customers. My love for online has started far before that, and has remained strong since i first saw a computer.

Now at age 32, i help small and larger businesses find the right software for all their back-office needs like CRM, Invoicing or Customer Ticketing.  

Mrflow builds backoffices for small to large organisations, and we like to look at back-offices as eco-systems of apps. Many organisations start out with a bundle of apps, and in stead of migrating all of their mail, contacts and todo's to other apps later on, they'll want to connect these apps through API's to create a powerful eco-system. Podio lies at the core of any eco-system at 

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