Hi I'm Michael and I'm fanatical about output that gets results.

Why is it that:
You can do a degree in business but it doesn't make you rich?
You can become an expert on nutrition but it doesn't make you healthy?
You can become a personal trainer but you don't get ripped?
You can swipe left and right, yet you can't actually talk to a girl

Because you're focusing on input. Input that stops you from ever stepping out of your comfort zone and achieving anything special. Input is only as useful as whats it's subsequently used for.

Output on the other hand gets results. More specifically, effective output gets results. By focusing on massive amounts of effective output, I help my clients build the ultimate life for the times that we live in

Areas I cover with clients:
Fitness and Nutrition
English Pronunciation
Communication skills
Presentation skills
Body Language
Integration into foreign countries
Dealing with culture shock
Language acquisition
Dating and relationships
Time management and organization
Performance Psychology
Online Course Creation

I deconstruct skills, learn the most effective way to get results, then through massive amounts of effective output, achieve the desired outcome.

I provide education that leads to effective output, and then oversee it's implementation through to completion.

To date I've helped over 4000 people online through my courses and over 750 people have become part of my Performance Accelerator in London.

If you're ready to get what you want in life through output and action, now is the time to connect with me.

Warning: The results I deliver require you to step out of your comfort zone. If you're not prepared to do this then I'm not the coach for you.

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