My mission in life is to bring as much value to as many people's lives as possible. I live for experiences and education. Everything I do reflects this.

I provide intensive 6 month body transformations for Vegans who want to train with body weight alone and achieve their dream body.  I simultaneously provide them with the ultimate personalised self-development programme empowering them to excel in every area of their life.

I don't believe in being a one trick pony. Unfortunately society typically sees you as either an artist or a professional... professional rich, and artist poor. I disagree. I believe that to reach ones maximum potential in today's world, you have to amalgamate the 2.  The artist must go beyond the art, and the professional must get creative. My work heavily reflects this.  I'm a drummer on a journey to mastery and for me to achieve my goal, every area of my life has to excel (Business, Creative, and Personal). Over the last 10 years I have rigorously attacked every area of self-development, and for the past 3 years, I have been coaching like minded individuals to do the same.

Some of my own transformations have included the following:

♦ Overweight and unfit - Dream Body and bursting with energy: Through extensive trial and error, and a hunger to succeed, I found for myself exactly what works, what doesn't, and how to skip the overwhelming abundance of BS that infests the fitness industry. My greatest body transformation came when I adopted a Vegetarian lifestyle and I have since surpassed it as a Vegan.

♦ Depressed and on anti-depressants - confident and happy:  I decided to take complete responsibility for my happiness in life. I thew myself into self-development transforming myself and my life.

♦ 0 - conversationally proficient in Portuguese: Moved to Brazil without knowing a word of the language (apart from 'thank you' and 'toilet'). Spent 3 months SELF-studying every day, continuously stepping out of my comfort zone and failing many times along the way.

♦ 0 - Conversationally proficient in Japanese: Same experience, same result, only this time I had the added challenge of learning the most complex reading/writing system in the world.

♦ 0 - Confidently running my own English Pronunciation business in Tokyo, empowering people to speak English without an accent. I have since done the same in London (a prime example of the dots connecting if you follow your passions. I self-taught myself the English pronunciation system as an idea to improve my pronunciation of foreign languages and it subsequently turned out to be an extremely sought after skill in the land of the rising sun).

♦ Carnivore to Vegetarian to Vegan: As I became more ethically aware of what goes on behind closed doors it was a natural progression to move away from animal products and to a 100% plant based diet.

♦ 0 - Life coach: I use my own unique style of coaching and experience to help like-minded individuals transform themselves and reach their potential.

I want to show you how by taking responsibility for your current situation in life and a pragmatic approach to self-development and long term goals, you can completely transform any area of your life and achieve any goal that you set your mind too.

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