Faical Allou

Airline Strategy specialist

Faical is an Airline Strategy specialist and speaker at international conferences.

Faical began his career in 2004 in Spain and fell in love with the aviation business.

After working for 2 airlines, he joined a consulting firm dedicated to the airline industry.

For more than 5 years he lead consulting engagements in the areas of Strategy, Network Planning, Revenue Management, Make or Buy decisions and Cost Analysis.

During his consulting years, he also founded a startup airline in Africa and spoke at various conferences.

He currently holds a position at a technology company that delivers solutions to the airline industry.

His knowledge of the airlines goes beyond the customer facing functions and reaches for the very core of the companies.

"As a passenger, we don't see the amount of work being done at an airline; we tend to think an airline is only made of pilots and flight attendants but there is so much more happening out there!"

"I always knew I wanted to work for an airline, but I didn't know what I could do, where to start?"

"I was lucky I started in the Network Planning area, which is very central and gave me exposure to the entire airline"

"I had exposure to CEO level issues at a relatively young age and it made me grasp the global picture quicker"

Faical is an enthusiastic traveler and he visited 50 countries. He loves Live Music and Basketball.

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