Faical is an Airline Strategy specialist and speaker at international conferences.

Faical began his career in 2004 in Spain and fell in love with the aviation business.

After working for 2 airlines, he joined a consulting firm dedicated to the airline industry.

For more than 5 years he lead consulting engagements in the areas of Strategy, Network Planning, Revenue Management, Make or Buy decisions and Cost Analysis.

During his consulting years, he also founded a startup airline in Africa and spoke at various conferences.

He currently holds a position at a technology company that delivers solutions to the airline industry.

His knowledge of the airlines goes beyond the customer facing functions and reaches for the very core of the companies.

"As a passenger, we don't see the amount of work being done at an airline; we tend to think an airline is only made of pilots and flight attendants but there is so much more happening out there!"

"I always knew I wanted to work for an airline, but I didn't know what I could do, where to start?"

"I was lucky I started in the Network Planning area, which is very central and gave me exposure to the entire airline"

"I had exposure to CEO level issues at a relatively young age and it made me grasp the global picture quicker"

Faical is an enthusiastic traveler and he visited 50 countries. He loves Live Music and Basketball.

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