Fahad Saadah


Fahad Saadah is an experienced professional with over 23 years of experience in IT and Project Management spanning a variety of sectors such as Information Technology, Telecom, Healthcare, Government and NGOs

Fahad possesses a passion for training and knowledge transfer that gives him an edge in the ability to communicate with different levels of people and backgrounds and deliver the information in a clear and simple way. Fahad’s rich practical experience allows him to formulate the knowledge in a way that helps the audience relate it to real-life situations and comprehend it better.
Throughout his career, Fahad was also exposed to different cultures, attitudes, mindsets and levels of education. This exposure sharpened his skills in communication and delivery of information.
Throughout his career, Fahad participated creating project life cycles, and designing and customizing project management methodologies to suit organization’s needs, setting up project management offices, managing and providing training to a number of diversified levels of human resources, setting and implementing processes and process improvement, revising and assessing performance to identify areas of deficiencies, as well as defining strategies in dealing and overcoming challenges.

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