Real Way of Life - Fabio Sinibaldi & Sara Achilli

Innovation in applied neuroscience for health and behavior

Real Way of Life was founded by Fabio Sinibaldi and Sara Achilli with a clear mission: to link science to practical application

Real Way of Life is an independent research and development institute that embraces modern sciences such as Neuroscience, PNEI (PsychoNeuroEndocrinoImmunology), Evolutionary Anthropology and Psychology to identify mechanisms and processes for both physical and mental health which can make the difference in the efficacy of a therapy or in a successful consultation.

Our goal is to identify these mechanisms and find strategies and techniques that could be implemented by professionals in their daily practice.

Fabio Sinibaldi, PsyD

Expert in Neurosciences and Psycho-Neuro-Endocrino-Immunology, Fabio combines these sciences with an evolutionary and ethological vision of mankind. Works as both a researcher and a trainer. 

He is the originator of the 8-step protocol for emotions and several other techniques.

Lecturer at post graduate schools of psychotherapy, holds seminars for UK, Italian and foreign universities; regularly attends national and international congresses as a speaker.

Sara Achilli, MA

Expert in Nutrition and well-being, Sara directly tests the way nutrition can influence change on a nervous, cerebral, genetic and immune level. 

She also works with Interpersonal Neurobiology and Scientific Parenting. 

She is the creator of Natural Parenting. In Real Way of Life, Sara coordinates programs and makes an annual report for the most important international events.

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