Erin Giles

Author, Coach and Founder of End Sex Trafficking Day

Erin Giles is a passionate pioneer. She's the founder of End Sex Trafficking Day, a personal development and entrepreneurial coach, TEDx speaker and a wife and mama of two. She works part time on her business from home while raising her kiddos (after an old boss told her it couldn't be done).

Erin believes when you ask for what you want, you'll get it in one way or another -- if you don't give up. She published her book, End Sex Trafficking after raising $10,000 on her own and collaborated with some of the worlds most innovative minds including Seth Godin, Danielle La Porte, Carol Roth, Tara Sophia Mohr and many more. She's raised more than $30,000 to help end sex trafficking and has worked with over 200 entrepreneurs.

Erin has a BA in Sociology and a Masters in Education and has been an entrepreneur since she got in trouble for taking custom friendship bracelet orders in 4th grade. She's been seen on the Huffington Post, USA Today, Marie Claire, TEDxFoCo, Crazy Sexy Wellness, Forbes, Inc and many more.

The popularity of her soon to be revamped award winning ebook Amp Your Ask is what led her to create a course for entrepreneurs.

Erin is a culinary school dropout, although she loves to cook, is creative to a fault, has 7 tattoos and loves tea with her cream. She loves connecting and collaborating with others and uses Twiter + Instagram to do just that.

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