Erin Foley

PhD Communication, Professional Speaker, Life Coach

In 2000 I began my long journey toward a PhD in Organizational Communication and Gender Studies. Like many, my initial career path wasn’t based on a careful calculation of what was in line with my deepest desires, but rather, my choice to become a researcher and professor seemed to be a natural progression. I was interested in the human experience and perhaps most persuasive, I had excelled in my courses. This decision was solidified in graduate school, as I found that I had a talent for teaching. I received excellent feedback from both my students and my colleagues. And while it felt amazing to know I had found a career path where I could perform well, this was simply not enough to make my career and life feel satisfying and deeply meaningful.

Though I loved continually learning and connecting with students, after over 10 years of teaching undergraduates I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was being depleted by the tasks and roles that were at the center of my job. My interest in personal development literature, and research on issues like happiness, career fulfillment, purpose and success was insatiable. I found myself unable to suppress my constant desire to help students deal with stress, figure out their best career path, discover their real strengths and build an overall fulfilling life. After years of building a successful career in the walls of academia I knew I had to make a change if I was going to feel deeply connected to my work. And so I left my career as a professor to become a professional speaker and practicing life coach.

By deeply investigating my current career and getting clear about my true strengths, I was able to discover what I needed to build a life and career that would be meaningful, engaging and in line with the very best of what I have to offer the world. My current coaching practice, keynotes and workshops draw upon my years of studying, practicing and teaching what truly brings people deeply satisfying lives.

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