Erica Rachel Sosna

Career Coach, Author and Storyteller for Organisations

Hi there and welcome!

I am passionate about helping talented professionals get their message across with impact, style and charisma. And breaking free of the limits, worries and fears that hold them back.

A bit about me –since I was a child, I have been obsessed with the world of story. Story speaks to our history, to our soul and can be used to teach, inspire, motivate or heal.

Having trained as a storyteller and a coach ten years ago, I have developed my own tried and tested methods to use stories and story structure to help clients find direction, overcome obstacles and transform their lives and businesses. I have used this to help individuals find career direction, to transition into new roles and helped companies to devise strategy, solve problems and deliver exceptional customer experience, all through telling stories!

Working with me, hundreds of people have been able to change direction in their career - becoming freelance in the same profession or branching out to try something new. We use their own personal story to define where they have been, who they are and what they want their next chapter to be.

I have also worked with some of the world's best companies. Merck, AXA Insurance, RBS, Fujitsu and Bristol Myers Squibb, to help their leaders tell more powerful and impactful stories. To be a great leader, you must be a great storyteller. I am lucky to also have the opportunity to share my tools and methods with educators, consultants and coaches, so they can make use of story in their work too.

My book, Your Life Plan, published by Wiley, provides a map for personal and professional transition using the structure of the Heroic Quest. I've taught hundreds of coaches, consultants, creative, teachers, makers and charity workers my methods and made it easy for them to use story to bring their work to life and reach aspects of their clients that sheer logic and facts cannot touch!

As a stand up comic and professional storyteller, I am used to making learning fun, clear and entertaining. As a learning and leadership consultant for some of the worlds best companies I bring clear instructional design thinking to my practice - so you are in good hands. And most of all, I believe in the super-practical. all of my courses are structured so you can put them to use immediately.

I am always on hand to provide feedback, answer your questions and delve more deeply and offer frequent free tutorial calls to my students. Keep an eye out in the announcements for these.

I look forward to helping you become all that you can be and to sharing these personal and professional tools with you. Let's get started!

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