Miracle Mandarin Chinese School

Specialize in mandarin teaching since 2003

We've been teaching Chinese for over 13 years with about 30,000 successful students from all over the world.  Our mission is to make Chinese learning easy and fun. Except intensive classroom learning, live 1 to 1 class, we proudly produced the video lessons to help students learn Chinese conveniently in a fun way. The producers of the video lessons are professional teachers with 6 to 12 years mandarin teaching experience.

Gao Yue, the head teacher of Miracle Mandarin Language School, is one of the most popular mandarin teachers in China who has been teaching mandarin Chinese as a second language over 10 years. The Chinese Pinyin learning program and Survival Mandarin learning videos she made with Miracle Mandarin has been highly recommended to anyone who is starting to learn Chinese, and are extremely popular with expats living in China and travelers visiting China for short term stay.

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