Said Eloudrhiri

Blockchain enthusiast * Co-founder of ChainSkills

Hi, I’m Said. I work in IT since 25+ years.
Since the beginning of my career, I‘ve been involved in several projects as a developer, software architect, team leader or agile coach.
As a speaker, I have the pleasure to share my return of experiences about mobile development, agile development or the blockchain. Among them, I had the pleasure to be a speaker in Devoxx conferences with my friend Sébastien Arbogast.
I'm also an enthusiastic trainer that teaches kids to program games and robotics through some initiatives organised by the Wajug or the Devoxx4Kids.
In 2016, I have created the ChainSkills initiative with Sébastien Arbogast to educate people about the power and techniques of open blockchains as a development platform.
Last but not least, I'm a husband and the proud father of three kids.

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