Check out; How To Become A CEO suite of courses with over 2600 students and 4 and 5 start ratings! A 21st century leader, entrepreneur, systems engineer, strategist, executive leadership coach and trainer with 25 years experience, Elizabeth is a highly rated instructor who has taught over 5000 hours of live online leadership courses to over 5000+ leaders world wide. An international executive, entrepreneur and leader herself, Elizabeth's career, clients and collaborators include; The World Bank, The International Development Bank for Latin America, Fortune 500 global companies, NASA, non-profits and associations, small and medium size businesses, The Royal Society, federal government executives, academics and non-governmental organizations. She has served decision makers in over 100 countries in English and French.

Executive education designer of the B.O.S.S. High Performance Leadership System and the Rapid Results Roadmap, Elizabeth delivers fast and sustainable results for business, organizations and individuals. Her Masters in Systems Engineering Management degree is from George Washington University and she's completed post graduate programs from Johns Hopkins University and executive courses from Harvard. Elizabeth holds many certifications for live online training, stakeholder centered coaching, and psychometric professional behavioral assessment.

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