Daniel López de Medrano

Remote 3D Character Rigger

3D Artist, Daniel López de Medrano was born in Venezuela, raised in Miami and now lives in Orlando, Florida. A graduate of the Digital Animation and Visual Effects School at Universal Studios, Daniel was trained as a 3D generalist and quickly became interested in rigging. 

Daniel landed his first job in the industry six week before graduating from the DAVE School, when the Academic Director at the time, William Vaughan, introduced him to multiple studios. This led to an opportunity where fresh out of school, he took on the role as lead Technical Director, on a children’s series being created in Sarasota, Florida.  

After working on the children’s series, Daniel continued working on projects including work for The Asylum in California. While in-between projects, he created a rigging course for beginners. The concept of the course was to demystify the rigging process and to help show that rigging doesn’t have to be something 3D artists should avoid.  

Often times artists look the other way when rigging is mentioned because they have heard it is difficult to learn and extremely confusing. Daniel’s rigging course demonstrates just how simple rigging can be and how quick you can be up to speed with the fundamentals of rigging!

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