Dylin Redling

Founder of Retire By 45

Dylin and his wife, Allison, were able to retire in their early 40s. After both getting laid off, they did the math and decided they didn't have to work for anyone anymore (woo hoo!!).

It took them about 15 years to retire. They didn't inherit any money, have trust funds, or hit it big with a tech IPO. They just followed sound financial techniques - the same ones they teach in this course.

Prior to retiring, they worked in the tech industry in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dylin was Director of Marketing (TickleMonsterLumosity, Ask, and Basis) and Allison was an IT Project Manager (AccentureeBay, and Stubhub).

In their spare time, they run two websites: RetireBy45 helps people realize their dream of retiring early, and Experiencify provides inspiration, tips & resources for having amazing life experiences.

Dylin's blog posts have been featured in publications such as Business InsiderElephant Journal, and Lifehack.

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