Dylan Gates

English Trainer and Coach

My name is Dylan Gates and I am a freelance teacher / teacher trainer / materials designer and English language coach.

Learning English is a challenge. My job is to help you take your English to the next level. Becoming a fluent speaker of English is not just about learning grammatical rules and remembering vocabulary. It's about developing communication skills and becoming a confident speaker. It's about learning how to express your ideas, thoughts, opinions and experiences in English.

My courses are designed to help you become a confident and competent speaker of English.

About Me

I've been a Director of Studies at a British Council accredited school in Central London, Course Director of a Training programme for English teachers (Trinity TESOL), and I've also worked as an English for Academic Purposes tutor at King's College (famous university in London) where I prepared international students for post-graduate study in the UK. Now, I am a self-employed teacher / trainer / blogger / course designer and enjoying the freedom.

What other teaching qualifications do I have?

I have an MA in Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching, a Diploma DELTA (advanced teaching qualification) and an E-tutoring certificate.

Is there anything else I would like to mention?

I prefer to call myself a trainer or coach rather than teacher. Learning a new language is like learning any new skill: you need to practise and train every day to become better at doing it. I hope that people watch my course and then go out and practise speaking English with other people.

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