Dragonfly ELS

English Learning System

Dragonfly ELS is an English Learning System to help educators teach English as a second language to children from age 2 to 6, in a school setting. Founded by 5 English teachers, Dragonfly integrates an innovative pedagogy and 50+ combined years of experience teaching in the classroom. Dragonfly was developed by native Spanish speaking teachers.

Founders of Dragonfly are: Elisa Guerra, Any Haro, Sonia Barquin, Eliam Dessavre and Alma Dessavre.

Elisa Guerra has been a teacher for 15 + years. She is also the founder of a group of schools using early learning methodology. She has been the Director for The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential for Latin America since 2001.

Any Haro has been an English and Math Teacher for 10+ years. She has also been a school administrator. She lives in Los Angeles.

Sonia Barquin has been an English teacher for little kids for 15+ years. She is now a school principal, with students from Pre-K to 9th grade.

Eliam Dessavre has been an English teacher for 20+ years. She has taught little kids as well as in elementary school. Today, Eliam is an online English Teacher for adult learners.

Alma Dessavre has been an English Teacher for 35+ years. She has taught children from kindergarden to junior high. She has also been English coordinator for several schools. She also loves to teach math.

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