Dr. Samantha T. Duhn


Hello! My name is Dr. Samantha Duhn. I prefer Samantha over Sam, though I still smile when people ask me if I like green eggs and ham!

I have worked in the food manufacturing industry, automotive industry, and the aerospace industry. I have also spent some of my time outside the office as an assistant instructor for the Dale Carnegie classes, have been a range aide for motorcycle safety classes, and was a train-the-trainer for the Lou Tice Institute of Excellent philosophies.

Never satisfied with status quo I finished my B.A. in Accounting at Buena Vista University, then my MBA and PhD at Northcentral University with specializations in human resources, management, and finance.

Much like my motivation to learn I am also motivated to move and be active. I am an ultra distance runner, scuba diver, triathlete, backpacker, camper, traveler, motorcycle rider, novice gardener, and proud parent of a beautiful 4 year old daughter.

I am one of the fortunate few who love what they do! I spend my days helping students find the joy in learning. This is why I founded Elemental Scholar, an organization dedicated to bringing quality courses to anyone seeking to continue their learning.

I enjoy working with students and working on my ‘bucket list’. Someday I hope to add IronMan to my resume along with a degree in psychology and a few snapshots of me on my bicycle somewhere in Italy. The day is short and the list is long, enjoy!

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