Doug Burke

Data Systems Leader and Experienced Teacher

If you're like me, you see tremendous value in developing your career in data analytics, big data and business intelligence. Companies need these skills more than ever.

But did you know  . . . 

 ** The hardest part of any useful business intelligence system is getting clean data **

This statement comes from my 20+ years of experience building data analytics systems at Fortune 500 companies. Let me share my secrets so you get much better at cleaning your analytics data.


My specialty is creating clean data using Excel Power Query and Power BI Query Editor for analysis and visualizations.  

I love this topic . . . Learn from me.  

> I read the software user manuals so you don't have to

> I enjoy teaching complex topics in a clear, simple manner

> I'm very involved in the analytics community as a member of Microsoft's Power BI User Panel, and a frequent speaker at Oracle analytics events 

Courses like mine are not widely available so I decided to create one. Thanks to the internet, a global audience now shares this knowledge.

Take my courses and enter a community of like-minded people who want everyone to succeed.  I will personally answer any question posted and provide frequent updates on what's happening in the Power Query and Power BI communities.  There is so much value here and I encourage you to join.


** You can dramatically improve your data cleaning skills today ** 

What are you waiting for?

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