Donna Cercone

Learning How to Learn

Donna Cercone has been in the Education and Corporate arena for over 40 years and has taught thousands of students from ages 5-80.

Her unique classroom-tested "whole brain teaching" approach (Cercone"s Mega Learning) has been described as an innovative revolution in teaching with phenomenal results.

The Cercone Mega Learning program (Learning How to Learn) enables students to absorb and retain information at a much faster and sustainable rate.

"This is truly a wonderful approach for processing and applying new information at accelerated speeds."

Dr. R. Lawrence, University of Massachusetts

She is an author with Nightingale Conant, the composer of Hearts of Peace CD and has done many corporate workshops utilizing these techniques plus continually experimenting with them in classrooms and in teaching music.

This method was first tested by Donna in a self-contained classroom of 45 seventh graders whose IQ's ranged from 80-140. It had such great success that at the end of the school year, the 7th grade boys approached her and said:

"We don't want school to end this year!"

Over the years, she researched and used these methods with classes of disadvantaged, troubled and educationally challenged students, always achieving outstanding results. Students obtained high scores who previously had given up on even obtaining a "passing" grade.

With great success, Donna continues to adapt and refine the Learning How to learn - Mega Learning program.

She has worked with color in the educational arena for over 35 years, working with colored filters, colored paper and glasses, finding the colors that would help students read easier, comprehend, understand math and remember better.

Through these methods, her piano students are able to learn to play the songs 500% faster than reading note by note while utilizing the complete Cercone Method. She has found a way to teach the reading of music as we read books.

She enjoys helping people accomplish their dream and make learning easier for she believes that we really are a genius if we can learn how to access the potential in our brain, if we can learn to be "Brain Mechanics" - who know what the brain needs in order to achieve the true potential.

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