Dmitri Dalla-Riva

VCE English Language Tutor

Dmitri is an experienced English Language Tutor and past VCE student. He has 3 years of VCE English Language experience, and also runs a successful VCE English Language tutoring business. He has a passion for teaching and passing on knowledge to enthusiastic students through interactive and engaging teaching methods.

Having attained a study score of 45 (out of a possible 50) for VCE English Language Units 3/4 in 2012, Dmitri believes that this knowledge and experience should not be left unused. He runs an English Language tutoring business on the side and has managed to amass 25 dedicated students to tutor on a regular basis. His passion for teaching is a quality that often comes across in his lessons with students, and so it is this quality and knowledge of the subject that has allowed him to successfully build his tutoring business, and strengthen the grades of his students.

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