Dirk Volschenk

Professional Trader and Mentor

Dirk Volschenk is an experienced lecturer and trader with 7 years experience as a professional trader in Forex and Indicies and as trading mentor to 100's of clients. Starting his career he worked as a lecturer at the same company he aced his trading education and developed quickly into a dynamic successful trader and lecturer. Dirk is passionate about the markets and trading, and this shows in the success of his clients.

In March 2012 Dirk set out and started his own company, focussing on wealth creation and trading education. And so was born The DJV Investment Group. Together with his business partner Hannes Dupper and his team, they educate and mentor clients in the ways of the markets. DJV has seen great growth in the past few years.

Dirk is a SAIFM certified lecturer and professional Trader in Forex & Indices. He has lectured 100's of clients on the markets and trading. His specialities are understanding the markets movements, trading psychology and trading strategy development.

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