Dima Gabriela



My name is Dima Gabriela, I am also known as Minerva, and I am a world rennouned Astrologer.

I've been interested in Astrology since I was a little girl and my passion for it transformed into a profession. Now, after many years of work and study, I can proudly say that I am going forward in my profession and constantly evolving.

I have published a series of Best Selling Books in Astrology and I am one of the few Astrologers from the world that approaches the problem of Medical Astrology in detail.

I also hold live classes in my country for passionate people and I have had a couple of thousands students till now that started their journey in the world of Astrology.

I am grateful that I can be here on Udemy now and share my knowledge with other like minded people.

I hope I will see you in my courses and that we will start together a wonderful adventure in the Magical Realm of Astrology!

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