Diana Jervis Read

Mentor | Business Coach | Life Coach | Time Management Coach

Diana Jervis Read is an accredited coach with the Coaching Academy and has been consulting for over 20 years. Diana's seminars are based on what her clients from all backgrounds and business strata have found to be the most useful and transferable skills, strategies and working practices. She delivers her seminars in a clear, refreshing and highly engaging manner with examples that are based on clients' real experiences.

Clients have included rising talent in government and major corporate companies as well as small and medium sized companies, start-ups, not for profit organisations as well as homemakers. 100% honesty and confidentiality is guaranteed.

Previously, Diana spent two decades running two award-winning public relations firms. She sold the first to the biggest marketing company in the world at the time, FKB Carlson. In doing so, Diana took on a managing a whole division, which required her to learn how to coach her team in time management and productivity. This led to a passion for training which still drives Diana today.

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