Dene Collett

Aircraft builder, online entrepreneur and skills Instructor

Hi and thanks for stopping by

Welcome to my bio. As you will see below, I come from a technical background and have gone through a lot of "self education" in my lifetime. I love learning new skills regularly and find it difficult to pass up on a challenge.
Below are a few of my skills I have picked up over the years and a few accomplishments I have achieved.

Electrical Engineering and Idustrial Instrumentation

I have spent at least 17 years in the electrical and instrumentation engineering field and have built up a vast knowledge base in related fields.

Master Aircraft and Boat Builder
Having designed and built my own boat as well as various composite products,Over the last eight years I have branched into the aircraft industry and have built a number of flying examples of the popular Whisper motor glider and achieved awards for the best composite aircraft on show 2013.

Online Marketing and Branding Strategist
Over the last four years I have educated myself in the field of online marketing, branding and in particular, viral marketing tactics under the tutorship of one of the masters in the field today.

Education Materials Developer
I have recently branched out as a producer of Multimedia instructional courses on all tools used in the online marketing industry, the podcast industry and the home business industry. You name it and I will produce a "how to" course for it.

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