Deborah Fairfull

Spiritual Teacher

Deborah Fairfull (Dip HK) has spent the past 25 years studying and teaching the skills for emotional well-being and enhanced relationships. Deborah is a fully qualified kinesiologist specialising in emotional wellness with a private practice in Mosman. She has also studied counselling, Human Resources, Lifeline and Eastern and Western philosophy intensively over the past 25 years. This has given Deborah very broad and practical experience in the many different aspects of emotional well-being. She now shares her skills with people to make their life easier and happier.

Deborah Fairfull brings to people simple, practical and powerful ideas to enhance their every day lives. She has written the book “Bliss Every Day”, runs courses with the same name, is a trained kinesiologist with a background in counselling and psychology. Deborah’s work is empowering as she teaches us HOW to transform any fear, create new patterns and move forward in our life with a sense of flow and freedom.

Deborah is committed to the ongoing improvement of the world we live in. Her simple, succinct, and practical approach to raising the awareness of individuals allows them connect to true peace and happiness. Fairfull shares skill and techniques to help people to  awaken to living fully and consciously able to manifest the life they desire.

Along with being a skillful businesswoman and enthusiastic kinesiologist, speaker, and author, Deborah is also a devoted mother. Her three young children are the greatest source of inspiration in her life, and she is passionate about raising children in a positive and conscious way.

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