Dean Benstead

Revive your photos and bring your images into the conciousness of your life.

My name is Dean Benstead and I have had a long life interest and fascination with photography and taking photos. Having owned many disposable cameras back in the 90's, to owning my first digital 'point and shoot' camera in the noughties, I decided to take a closer, and more detailed look, at how the process works and what foundation this magical skill has which started way back in the mid 19th century.

Having been brought up in the digital era, I have always had an inclination towards film photography but never had any idea as to how this old fashioned dying art was performed, or the need for it. Having started an academic course in photography, I was introduced to the world of film alongside the Darkroom and the techniques that go into developing film and processing prints. I fell in love with the art with the curiosity and intrigue, and alongside the pureness of film, I was hooked. I prefer black and white film images of regional landscapes as I try to draw out the contrasts that black and white film plays upon, but I also like to look at the world through a slightly different perspective, be it different angles or parts of a subject not usually given a lot of attention or significance.

Although I have a love of film photography, I also respect and admire what digital media has done for the industry and for the user. Improvements in technology have made digital on a par with film in many respects, added to the fact that they are more convenient, accessible and affordable. For that reason, I prefer to enhance and repair images using desktop applications in order to get the most out of an image so that it can be enjoyed to its full! I have created a working knowledge of 360° Panoramic Photography using trial and error techniques and self learning, producing some outstanding results. I hope to share this knowledge with you in order to enhance your photography learning and experience.

I hope you learn a few things from my courses, and even if it only improves one of your photos or provides one extra new skill, it has made the creation of these courses worthwhile. Thanks and enjoy.

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