David Solyomi

investor, author, instructor

I am not a “create trainings for money” type of guy.

I had the childhood dream of achieving financial freedom at a young age, this is why I became an economist, worked as an equity analyst, got an MBA, established and sold companies and turned into a full-time investor by the age of 33.

I always set challenging goals since I love the learning process that is required to get anywhere near them. I devote the time and effort to discover all the relevant solutions, all the roads that can possibly lead to my goals. I read everything and I am not afraid to keep asking the most reputable experts of the field I became interested in, until I manage to distill the acquired knowledge into an easy-to-use system. No matter if that particular goal is about money, health or anything else, my process of discovering and mastering the subject is nearly the same.

After noticing that not all my friends put in the kind of hard work I do, yet they cherish the hope of achieving similar goals (like financial freedom, running marathons, becoming an ironman, travelling around the world etc.) I experimented with passing on my recipes for certain goals in a plain and entertaining format. I realized that I enjoy teaching very much and noticed that people really appreciated my easy-to-use systems, with which they could save much time and effort and jumpstart their way to their goals. It gives me pleasure to see how they are progressing.

I only teach what I have firsthand experience with, the fields I have thoroughly studied and distilled the knowledge into my trademark “easy-to-use systems” that I have tested and succeeded with. This kind of credibility and the positive feedback I get from my students is very important for me. This latter is what drives me to keep on discovering, learning and passing on the “simply effective recipes” I put together.
This is how it started

Since my childhood dream was financial freedom, I discovered many ways to produce passive income along the way and fell in love with dividend investing. After having read more than 100 books on investing, subscribing to the most reputable (and expensive) investment newsletters, asking the authors and all the available experts tons of questions I managed to put together my own dividend investing system, which is easy to implement yet provides outstanding results.

Armed with the positive experience I started teaching dividend investing in a personal training format and later created an online video training and I even wrote the first book on dividend investing in my home country (Hungary), which became a best-seller in its category. After seeing the success of my Hungarian students and encouraged by all their feedback I decided to open up to a much wider audience and make my system available on Udemy as well.

I am teaching the exact approach I am using in practice. I have skin in the game as most of my passive income is produced by the world’s biggest companies in the form of dividends.

I love setting challenging goals in every area of my life, this is why I am training for an ironman triathlon, plan to finance my round-the-world trip from passive income and want to pass on my knowledge to at least 1 million people who are ready to take control of their financial future. Hungary was a good place to start but it is a small country for this goal, so I “productized” my knowledge and now it’s available to you as well. If keeping things simple while going for the best possible results describes your preferred style of doing things, I am honored to help you with my courses.

Quick facts:

Born: 1982, Hungary
Living: Budapest, Hungary
Education: economist (specialized on corporate finance)
Experience: equity analyst, financial journalist, serial entrepreneur, investor, author of a book on dividend investing, trainer
Hobbies: travelling, triathlon, reading, investing

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