David Lee Martin

Creative catalyst, Entrepreneur, Ethical Internet Marketer

My name is David Lee Martin, I write and publish information products, and I specialise in helping people publish their ideas online easily, quickly and profitably.

I have over 50 publications across a broad range of genres, run an online training school with students from across the world, and distribute awesome teaching materials via DVD, digital video, digital and print books, and through email and websites. I reach thousands of people every week.

As I speak with people I realise that there are so many who have amazing ideas for books or other information products that they could sell online, but simply do not know how to do this easily and cheaply. My book, "Unleash Your Creativity" outlines a simple process to PRODUCE, PUBLISH, PROMOTE and PROFIT from the things you are passionate and knowledgable about, using easy to access tools that will cost you very little other than your time and talent.

Depending on the complexity of the project, we can generally take people from an initial idea to a published product in their hand within just a few weeks.

One client said, "What took us 10 years, you made happen in 2 weeks!" Pretty cool!

People I work with are left feeling completely free to explore their creative ideas, get their message out, and reach a global audience, knowing that there is a way to really make it happen, and get their message out there without breaking the bank. In fact, it will help fill your bank account, not empty it. :)

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