David Else

Founder at Learn Digital Audio

After leaving university in 1993 I embarked on a career as a musician. Throughout my twenties I wrote music and played up and down the country in many well known venues including the London LA2, Camden Underworld and the Cambridge Junction.

After getting signed to Wasp Factory Recordings I also worked with and began recording and engineering other musicians as a part of various label-related projects.

In 2001, approaching thirty, and having recently moved to Brighton, I decided to start my first business, Digital Media Duplication. That company ran for 10 years until the demise of the CD and optical media.

Other than the core skills needed for the audio mastering and disc manufacture, it gave me a very hands-on education in many areas including website design, customer relations, sales, marketing, IT and business development.

Over many years I have become very experienced in:

- Audio mastering and sound mixing
- Studio design, setup and room acoustics
- Music recording technology
- CD/DVD authoring, duplication and replication
- Audio hardware incl. sound cards, speakers, amps, outboard and control interfaces
- Audio software including Steinberg's Cubase & Cockos's Reaper
- Computer hardware including designing and building custom sound production workstations
- Advanced creative and corrective signal processing incl. EQ and compression
- Use of digital, thermal, offset and litho printing technology
- Artwork design and correction using Adobe's Photoshop

My new business Learn Digital Audio was formed in July 2012 with the aim of teaching people all the valuable information about audio production I have gained.

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